Wicked Winters Films is a production company specialising in lesbian films. Formed by writer/director Jade Winters and producer Alex Hogben,
our aim is to bring quality lesbian content to a wide audience.

About Us WW Films

Jade Winters – Writer/Director

My Story

I started writing when I was seven after becoming obsessed with the film Grease. I was so desperate for there to be a sequel I decided to write it myself, with Olivia Newton-John in the starring role.

The movie Grease was released back in 1978, I was obsessed. The music, the clothes and notably the leading lady Olivia Newton John. I thought, yep, ‘she’s the one that I want’ and became preoccupied with the notion of writing the sequel, just so she would star in it! And so began my literary journey – the writing of Grease 2, aged seven years old. Once I had photocopied my handwritten, hundred-page script, I set aside my pocket money each week and sent copies to any Film Producers I found in the Yellow Pages. From the dozens of scripts I sent, I received just one reply telling me to never give up on my dream.

Despite my love of writing, I left school aged 14 without any qualifications, mainly because I was bored with the lack of creativity in my lessons. The next few years were a period of ‘self-exploration’ and I lost focus somewhat, perhaps the magic of Grease 2 and Olivia Newton-John had dimmed.

Meeting my ex-partner was a pivotal point in my life. She worked in TV, had been to university and she inspired me to achieve more and better myself. With renewed enthusiasm for learning, I enrolled in an Access course aged 28, and for the first time in my life I stuck with something. A year later, I secured a place at University where I studied Journalism. I faced substantial difficulty understanding academic books, since I had left school prematurely, but with perseverance and a healthy dose of support I graduated with a 2.1.

Post university, any thoughts of becoming a successful writer were soon dismissed. Despite acquiring my Journalism degree, I was plagued with self-doubt. I thought people like me couldn’t become writers because I didn’t possess a creative writing degree. Once again, my writing ambitions were parked and I spent the next eight years trying to build a career in property developing. And so it continued, until another traumatic and life-changing event happened. My dad died. My world stood still and the only place where I could find solace was in writing. It was during this period of grief that I completed my first novel ‘143’.

Twenty novels later my true passion had still not been fulfilled. Faced with the choice of buying a house or realising my dream, I reminisced back to my script for Grease 2 and decided to use the money we had saved to adapt my novels into screenplays. I formed Winter Winters Films with my partner, Alex, and after writing and producing two short films I took on the role of co-directing another. This led to my directorial feature debut based on my novel ‘143’ which is due for release in 2020.

Our short films can be viewed on Vimeo on-demand.

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