One More Lie Proof of Concept Trailer

Meet lesbian detective Ashley McCoy🕵️🏳️‍🌈, a character from writer/director Jade Winters’ best-selling novel A Walk into Darkness. We made this proof of concept trailer to give you an idea of what to expect when we get funding to make the full film. Please support our crowdfunding campaign below:


One Four Three

Currently in post-production

A woman enters a lesbian relationship, leaving her fiancé and family devastated. But a violent attack by an unknown assailant finds her hospitalised with amnesia. With nothing to lose, she begins the dangerous task of uncovering who she is and who attacked her.

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Love on the Cards

On the way to a job interview, heavy snowfall forces Tess to seek cover. She heads to the nearest place available – a Tarot and Tea shop, totally unaware that what is revealed in the cards for her future is just the beginning.

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The Love Letter

When an unopened love letter from 1945, ends up in the hands of young couple Phoebe and Faith, they not only make it their mission to deliver it to its originally intended recipient, Belle, but also end up reuniting her with Hannah, the woman she loved.

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In Her Place

After the death of their mother, Laura is left frustrated and disillusioned with her sister’s behaviour. When a life changing incident occurs, Laura’s wife, Katie, has to come to terms with a mysterious new reality.

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The Postie

Amy falls for the new Postie but finding out whether the attraction is mutual proves difficult..

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Let Me Be the One

Jenna has been in a romance slump. Ever since splitting with her ex she has retreated from the dating world. Her best friend Bea thinks it’s time for Jenna to get back out there, so she sets up a blind date for Jenna with the perfect woman.

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Twist of Fate

It’s Ashley’s birthday and she wants to tick learning to drive off her bucket list.
Falling for her driving instructor is an added bonus…

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